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Epic Journey Across the Desert and Beyond

The Mummy World invites you to enter a thrilling Open World Action RPG adventure, where you become the hero fighting for your faction's cause in a ruthless battle for dominance. Choose your side, either the forces of Order or Chaos, and prepare for a packed action experience.
Powered By Unreal Engine 5

Faction War

Choose your path wisely, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will you fight for the preservation of order, or will you embrace chaos and destruction?
Anubis, the wise and powerful leader of the Order faction, led his followers on a quest to restore balance to the world. With his keen intellect and strategic mind, he guided his army through treacherous battles and cunningly outmaneuvered his enemies. His loyal followers trusted him to make the tough decisions necessary to maintain peace and order in a world threatened by chaos. Under Anubis's leadership, the Order faction flourished, and the universe thrived in harmony.
Seth, the fierce and cunning leader of the Chaos faction, reveled in the destruction and chaos that his followers unleashed. With his sharp mind and ruthless tactics, he led his army on a rampage through the world, toppling empires and crushing all who dared to oppose him. His loyal followers admired his strength and feared his wrath, and they followed him blindly into battle. Under Seth's leadership, the Chaos faction thrived, and the universe trembled in fear of his power.


Participate in the game's development to have the opportunity of winning $MMY tokens and being acknowledged in the end game credits!


Warriors are fearsome fighters, skilled in both close-quarters combat and tactics. They can wield a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, and hammers, and can use their strength and agility to overpower their enemies.

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Sorceresses are powerful magic-users, capable of casting devastating spells that can decimate their enemies. They can specialize in different types of magic, such as fire, ice, or lightning, and can use their abilities to create havoc.

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Rangers are nimble and agile fighters, capable of striking from a distance with their bows and arrows. They can also use traps and other tools to control the battlefield, slowing down enemies and creating opportunities for their allies to strike.

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Unleashed Visuals

As a team, we are constantly pushing the limits of what's possible in the gaming industry. That's why we're thrilled to be taking advantage of the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 graphics to deliver truly stunning and immersive gaming experiences.


Our Fast-paced and dynamic combat mechanics is a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience that focuses on giving players a high degree of control and agency during combat. Players can expect to engage in quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and fast decision-making during battles as they execute complex maneuvers and chain together powerful combos to defeat enemies.

Mummy World

Mummy offers a thrilling in-game world that's full of dungeons, open-world exploration, and action-packed gameplay. Players can embark on epic quests and explore a vast, immersive game world that's filled with dangers and challenges at every turn.

At the heart of Mummy's gameplay is a complex dungeon system, where players can test their skills and earn valuable rewards. These dungeons are filled with traps, puzzles, and fierce enemies, and players must use their wits and strategy to overcome each challenge and emerge victorious.


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